Attaclay | Clay Mining

Attaclay, established in 1978, is a clay mine situated +/-30km North West of Steelpoort. We produce both Attapulgite and Bentonite in a raw, sun-dried, granular or powder form. These clays are used in the following applications:

-  Binder in pelletising
-  Cat Litter
-  Absorbing chemical spills
-  Sealing of dams
-  Carrier for pesticides
-  Cement additive
-  Cracking jet fuel
-  Clarifying of oils and waxes

We are able to dry, crush, screen, mill and calcine.

We can also package to customer requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a company that

-  is the leader in its field of business
-  is recognized by its clients as being pro-active, professional, ethical, reliable and providing  value for money products
-  is regarded by its employees as an employer that encourages, recognizes and rewards consistent and dedicated effort and that offers challenging career paths and opportunities
-  gives an acceptable return to its shareholders